72andSunny Opens Shop

Former Wieden+Kennedy Creatives Join Forces With Ex-Microsoft Ad Director to Open Full-Service Agency With Offices in Los Angeles and Amsterdam today.

Robert Nakata who will head the 72andSunny Amsterdam office comments “Who wouldn’t want to work at a place called 72andSunny?”

72andSunny opens its doors today, bringing together an international creative team that has managed some of the world’s leading brands. Having spearheaded advertising initiatives for the likes of Nike, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Miller and Vodafone, founders John Boiler, Glenn Cole, Robert Nakata and Greg Perlot have launched 72andSunny to help companies realize their global marketing ambitions via strategy, advertising, design and brand identity. 72andSunny is the agency-of-record for Holland-based stroller company Bugaboo, and has been awarded projects for USA Network, the Portland Trail Blazers (in collaboration with Nerve), and Musicmatch.

Robert Nakata joined W+K Amsterdam in 1993 and has been credited as a major influence on the visual culture of the agency, and in particular, on the Nike account, which led to a feature in IDEA Magazine on the visual language of Nike advertising.

John Boiler is a W+K veteran in the U.S. and Europe and formerly Executive Creative Director of the Amsterdam office. Fellow 72andSunny partner Glenn Cole was most recently W+K European Creative Director on Nike. Glenn also helped launch the Audi A2 across Europe, and was instrumental in taking Nike from a minor player in soccer to the world’s leading soccer brand.

Greg Perlot most recently served as a Senior Vice President at Publicis|West, and was former Director of Advertising and Corporate Research at Microsoft Corporation where he was responsible for the worldwide launch of the “Where Do You Want to Go Today?” campaign and Windows 95. At Microsoft he collaborated with W+K, where he met Boiler, Cole and Nakata, thus planting the seed for 72andSunny. In addition to helping found the brand consultancy firm Infectious Ideas, Perlot has also held posts at BBDO and Dailey & Associates.

“We started 72andSunny to stretch ourselves creatively and to further blur the distinction between design and advertising. Face it – the idea that advertising equates to a commercial or print ad is pretty antiquated. We’re trying to redefine the concept of ‘ad agency’ to reflect that notion.” said John Boiler.

“Getting good ideas from advertising agencies can be too expensive and encumbered these days. We want to work with companies that have big aspirations – whether they have the interest in a traditional media buy or not,” Greg Perlot chimed in.

Glenn Cole adds, “We’re just a bunch of sports freaks, design nuts, gearheads, movie buffs, and surfers who happen to have some credentials in this space.”

Thanks Wasabe - their website is www.72sunny.com/

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I know a few guys who'd get exited about the combo 69 and Cher..... (shouldn't have gone there..)

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I know Robert nakata left his wallet in El Segundo (with his jimmy-hats innit) but -- WHERE is the 72 and Sunny website?? Apparently some cheesy company in Nevada hi-jacked the domain name.
hello ..? class ..? anyone ...? ayudame

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