7th Annual Porfolio Night hopes to be in 22 cities again this year

It's that time of year again. The time for hopeful adgrunts fresh out of school to parade their books in front of their city's top Creative Directors. That's right, ihaveanidea.org's Portfolio Night 7 is approaching. Get out your Sharpie and mark June 11th on your calendar.

Last year the event took place in 22 cities around the globe, and this year they're hoping to match (or surpass that!) with 16 cities already confirmed. Tickets for some cities starting selling on Monday. You can find a list of the cities here. HINT: There are a few locations that are looking for hosts if you're an agency looking for new talent.

Here are a couple of videos the agencies made to promote the event in their hoods:

Amsterdam/Montreal (hosted by Sid Lee)
Chicago (hosted by Gertrude Inc)
Los Angeles (hosted by David & Goliath)
Quebec City (Socom)
San Francisco (PJA Advertising)

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