Ad age: Power 150 - We're number one! Sweden leads the European blogs. Top 100 European adblogs.

You might have spotted the Ad Age power 150 and looked to find that SEO blogs count higher than personal blogs (of course!), but since it takes so many different number crunching things into account, it's surprisingly democratic - and it adds "Todd Points" to the score. The many different sources also causes the list to move around a lot more than any others, since for example Technorati - despite many years on the web - can suddenly go all wonky. I've seen Adland be on #17 and #70 on the same day as Technorati has acted funky for some reason. Media Culpa also notes that the power150 only counts his atom feed and not his many feedburner subscribers. Not to mention that Alexa is still shunned by most mac-people (even though the alexa toolbar is now available for Firefox) giving the SEO (and thus PC users) blogs a leg up with that score over the blogs more often frequented by mac-driving creative types.

Spinning around made a list of the top UK blogs found on the Power150 where Russel Davies is the leader of the pack.
But there's a European ranking out there as well, it was Kullin's Media Culpa that brought this to my attention in his July 18 post - Nick Burcher counted all the european flags on the list to make a European version and even made little graphs, and then he did one based on Alexa traffic where Adland is number 2 again.

Well, number two no more. Adverblog and Adland usually have the same exact total score, but with Adverblog listed first, so I naturally had to screendump this. ;) We'll never beat Italy in football (soccer to you US folks) so I have to gloat when I have my chance. Sweden, raah raah *dances around with pompoms* No hard feelings Italy, you know i root for Italia in football!

The top 100 blogs in the European ranking today is:

#1(19) Adland - Sweden
#2 (22) Adverblog - Italy
#3 (27) I Believe in advertising - Italy
#4 (40) Russel Davies - England
#5 (42) Yoast - Tweaking Websites The Netherlands
#6 (48) Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog Belgium
#7 (49) Osocio The Netherlands
#8 (54) Adverbox - Italy
#9 (57) - England
#10 (58) David Airey - Scotland
#11 (60) Blogstorm - England
#12 (84) Adliterate - England
#13 (90) Crackunit - England
#14 (93) Behind The Buzz - UK (!)
#15 (101) Viralblog - The Netherlands
#16 (104) Media Culpa - Sweden
#17 (117) Talent imitates, genius steals - England
#18 (127) Krishna De's BizGrowth News - Ireland
#19 (128) Only dead fish - England
#20 (131) PR blogger - England
#21 (132) The engaging brand - England
#22 (139) Joe La Pompe - France Shout-out! been around almost as long as we have!
#23 (143) HERD - England
#24 (146) Fresh Creation - The Netherlands
#25 (156) Coolz0r Marketing Thoughts - Belgium

(the rest inside, folks)

#26 (162) Invisible Red - Portugal
#27 (165) W+K Welcome to optimism - England
#28 (168) The Hidden Persuader - Portugal Shoutout again!
#29 (173) Make marketing history - England
#30 (176) Cross the breeze - Belgium
#31 (183) Mindblob - Belgium
#32 (196) Mastercom Advertising and Communication Blog - European Union
#33 (205) Blog til you drop - England
#34 (207) No man is an iland - Austria
#35 (210) Spinning around - England
#36 (212) Because The Medium is the Message - Andorra
#37 (215) Technobabble 2.0 - England
#38 (227) Search Engine Marketing Blog - Ireland
#39 (232) A PR Guy's Musings - England
#40 (234) Modern Marketing - England
#41 (239) PPC blog - England
#42 (247) BeRelevant - Belgium
#43 (256) Fraser's Affiliate Marketing Blog - Scotland
#44 (259) eWritings - Germany
#45 (262) Minor Issues - Belgium
#46 (267) SEOCO - England
#47 (268) Social Hallucinatins Denmark Davs!
#48 (274) Drew B's take on tech PR - England
#49 (281) Crenk - England
#50 (286) Nick Burcher - England
#51 (288) Wadds' tech pr blog - England
#52 (298) Life Moves Pretty Fast - England
#53 (310) That Canadian girl - she's in the UK
#54 (313) Interactive Marketing Trends - England
#55 (314) General Marketing Blog - England
#56 (315) Get International Clients - France
#57 (316) AdofDaMonth - Hungary Hi ex-adlister Dalbir!
#58 (318) Hobo SEO UK - Scotland (irony, aye?)
#59 (321) A Source of Inspiration - Portugal
#60 (330) Murphy's law - Ireland
#61 (336) Beyond PR - England
#62 (340) greenormal - England
#63 (341) Faster Future - England
#64 (346) The Kaiser Edition - Germany
#65 (353) Simon Says - England
#66 (358) London Calling - England
#67 (362) Brand Strategy - England
#68 (364) Living Brands - England
#69 (374) 50-plus marketing - England
#70 (376) The way of the web - England
#71 (392) Living in a digital world - England
#72 (395) mediations - England
#73 (407) Business and Games Blog - Belgium
#74 (423) Rubbushcorp - England
#75 (441) This is Herd - England
#76 (459) Raw stylus - England
#77 (461) Fresh networks - UK
#78 (464) Bad idea, indeed - Belgium
#79 (465) Wordsof a broken mirror - Romania
#80 (466) Mark Flavins Internet Marketing Blog - Ireland
#81 (478) Blending The Mix - UK
#82 (480) Simon Wakeman - England
#83 (484) Middledigit - England
#84 (489) Andrew R H Girdwood - UK
#85 (495) PR Media Blog - England
#86 (506) The Rosemont Loving - England
#87 (507) Nicola Davies - England
#88 (509) Pudding Relations - England
#89 (513) Duckeldanny - Germany
#90 (515) BSI - Research Blog - Germany
#91 (522) Event Manager Blog - UK
#92 (524) renaissance chambara - EU (on a .jp domain?)
#93 (527) Shiny Red - England
#94 (552) Vincent Thome's Blog - England
#95 (561) Measurement Matters - UK
#96 (563) Marketing Safari - Iceland Shoutout to the original vikings!
#97 (566) Confessions of a Wannabe Ad Man - England
#98 (572) A Mountain Dweller in the Thames Valley - England
#99 (576) All things PR - England
#100 (578) Blog - Belgium

I'm sorry, I had to stop at one hundred blogs listed - my fingers hurt from typing now. ;) There are more on the Power150 list if you start looking on page twelve.

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Neaner's picture

To many marketing blogs for my taste. You should do the battle of the ad blogs again, but leave the PR/marketing ones out.

Dabitch's picture

I also noticed that Scampblog isn't even on the list. Anyone know how to get in touch with him btw? I noticed that Adland is not listed under "creatives blogs", where I reckon it should go since I'm an Art Director, Caff is a copywriter, Clayton is a Creative Director (CW), Robblink is a copywriter - but then again, he might mean something else with his little labels.

(shit, I'm surrounded by copywriters!)

Neaner's picture

You're right above Adfreak in that image as well. Aren't they owned by adweek?

thome's picture

Well, congratulations. A lot. You people deserve it. Adland is great, it's helpful and I make a point in stopping by everyday. Dabitch and the whole team, thanks for your great job. No wonder Adland is number one. Well, I'll prepare some caipirinhas here, so you people better hurry up and get down to Brazil to celebrate, or else... I'll have to drink it all up myself...

Dabitch's picture

*books flight to Brazil pronto* Ah thome, you know how to talk to a lady!

That reminds me, quite a few great Brazilian blogs are not on that list, like Braintorm9. We really have to do another battle of the ad blogs again so that the non-english speaking blogs can show off somewhere.

purplesimon's picture

I wasn't even aware there were any other ad-related blogs!

*should change his name to brown-nose simon!*

Dabitch's picture

HA! Purple and brown don't go so well together.. (or do they?)

thome's picture

Hey... Just woke up... where am I? I waited for you guys until the 7th caipirinha, then I don't recall anything.

Dabitch's picture

*hands thome an extra large aspirin and a bottle of Ramlösa "cures all hangovers" Swedish mineral water* Seven? Man, I pity your head.

nickburcher's picture

Grattis Till Första Platsen!

and thank you for the link :-)

joelapompe's picture

congratulations for the number one spot in the ranking! I'm a bit jealous. Keep on doing the good work.

Dabitch's picture

Thanks joelapompe . :) More links and you'll climb higher, if this ranking-lits spreads to other blogs, that might even help. ;) Since you've been around almost as long as we have (when did you start? 98? 99? I forget) it's a bit annoying that you don't rank higher. Then again, the blogs that linked you back then are probably all dead by now, just us die-hards left.

And thanks to you too Nick, det förvånar mig alltid att du kan lite svenska. Fast det heter "förstaplatsen", ingen särskrivning. :)

joelapompe's picture

I've started in 1999. Maybe I'm not ranked higher because my blog is half english / half french... that doesn't help for page ranks and stuffs...

Dabitch's picture

This is very true - but youknow, you're 'senior' enough in this ad-yapping on the web game to do a French speaking battle of the adblogs. There are many great french ad & viral & buzz blogs out there that I can't read that deserve a little more attention. I just go for the pretty pictures.

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