Ad Guy Starter kit - everything you need to be creative.

For all thee newly grads with smokin' portfolios from hip portfolio school, you are not ready yet, you won't be ready until you get the Ad Guy Starter Kit. Go straight to the commercial here.
Yes, the Ad Guy Starter Kit includes a dickie, a Soul-Patch, a pair of really sharp Glasses, a cool Certificate of Creativity, an impressive looking Creanus Award, an 8 piece Tchotchke Set, a Coffee Shop Gift Card and of course, a Bagel with Cream Cheese. Everything you need to rock the creative department. Young Isaac says:

Had it not been for the Ad Guy Starter Kit and our sporty new soul patches, we would probably have been misfit tax accountants (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Now, I wouldn't be me unless I murmured that I had this strange deja vu sensation going on... I'm sure the hive mind of adgrunts know if a similar gag has been done before, or correct me if I'm wrong.

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I applaud their efforts but that was pretty lame, dated and obvious.

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For whatever it's worth, I thought the chick loading image was interesting.