Adage power 150: The number 13 has been following me around all day.

You know that strange phenomena some call synchronicity? I've had the number 13 pop up in nearly everything I've done today - from the amount of steps I've used in the stairs, to the amount of bread slices available, to strange wrong numbers calling, to email subjects and so on. Files submitted have had 13 in them. Someone even SMS:ed me "in a meeting, I'll ring back in 13 min."

Thirteen, thirteen thirteen - everywhere thirteen. What the heck?

And now, guess what place we're at on the ad age power150 adblogs? Yes, that's right, number thirteen.

Ain't that a hoot? (So we're number one in Europe and kicking tush while at it.)

I have no idea how we ended up there considering our less than great uptime this past week, but it cheered me up. :)

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Thirteen cheers!

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You said that and the article had "13 reads" SERIOUSLY! I'm freaking out now. Better play the lotto too while I'm at it.