AdBuzz - "Being the first-to-market means something." the worlds first advertising blog

Adbuzz gave us props in The World’s Very First Advertising Blog and we tip our hat to them for it. Tip Tip!

Adland. Where ad critics, lovers, grunts and ranters go to keep up with all types of happenings in the commercial industry. Over 90,000 members and 45,000 archived commercials strong- only one person to thank.
From a very simple, spontaneous birth in 1996, founder Åsk Wäppling (@dabitch) has spearheaded Adland’s exponential growth over a decade and a half. Working as an Art Director in Malmo, Sweden, she has been able to amass (among many other things) the world’s largest Super Bowl commercial collection in the world.
Being the first-to-market means something. In this case, it means Åsk has been following, sharing, curating, collecting, and commenting on the global advertising scene for a very long time. It means she knows a thing or two about the industry.....

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