adidas 'shoe bomber' ad bombs.

The advertising watchdog in the UK is investigating after receiving complaints that an adidas poster poked fun at the case of the convicted terrorist Richard Reid. The complaints said the ad depicting a naked athlete wearing nothing but running shoes was inappropriate in the current international climate and should be taken down. (read more to really see poster)

The adidas poster features British Olympic sprinter Dwain Chambers wearing just the trainers with a long, lit fuse sticking out of the heel.

The campaign promoting Adidas's new a3 Twin Strike trainer has been on billboards across the UK since the 19th of march and has received four complaints - three of them complaining that this ad "could encourage people to copy the shoe bomber".

The fourth objector was concerned about the nudity.

Read more at The Guardian Media who unfortunatly don't have the saucy image. ;-)

what do ya'll think about this ad? Sexy buns.

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Igniting a firestorm of controversy?

I really hate it when that happens; getting brilliant idea only to have to sit on it "because of the current climate..." then you just know somebody else will think of it... sigh.

First off, the shoe bomber thing is old, old news. Does the average joe have enough of a long-term memory or attention span to even make a connection between this billboard and Reid? Besides, who's going to try that again? Kinda lost the element of surprise there, especially now that every airport screener knows to check the footware. Gee, maybe we ought to look at ads and entertainment that might give them some NEW ideas, eh? Terrorism is no / shouldn't be a laughing matter but Reid's going to go down in history as "the shoe bomber." I don't know many people who don't crack an involuntary smile at that. Sorry bastard.

It's not like that hot runner is shown streaking across a crowded airport to catch his flight / chase down his luggage following a strip search.

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Yikes! Somewhere in Italy, a Gucci fashion designer is scrapping his front page inspired bomb belt.

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I am like, soooooo offended! Matter of fact, in protest, I'm never going to wear shoes while naked again!

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certanly hope not! it's barbaric! ;-)

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when people get their panties in a twist about gucci ads, nudity in ads, sexism in ads, etcetra - they should try and remember that all it takes to get the ad possibly banned, is 4 poeple complaining! count'em! FOUR!

course, you have to complain to the correct 'watchdog' for ads in your country. ;-)

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"could encourage people to copy the shoe bomber"..... what the hell are these people smoking?

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I want some of it. whatever it is.