Adland won MarketingSherpa's Readers' Choice Award

Woop! We won the best group weblog award, now everyone pat yourselves on the back! Thanks to all who joined in and voted - we'll be getting the T-shirt, and we do love T-shirts, so we'll even wear it.
Other winners included folks we voted for, in the online marketing category for instance Searchenginelowdown took top prize, while the readers own choice write-in vote went to Looks like the news leaked out a little early at other blogs, micropersuasion might have been the first with an itchy-posting-finger, via another winner Dana's blog.

Adland numbers for newbies: Over eleven million visits, 32823 adgrunts, 30 odd press mentions, and 17288 posts published since April 1 2000 when we started counting - as a homepage Badland has been on the web since 1996.

Update - I got my shirt as a prize. It is tres huge.

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Robblink's picture

Awesome! That kicks ass!

deeped's picture

I can't see anyone that are more eligible than ad-rag... Congratz dabitch - to the victory and to being one year older ;)

AnonymousCoward's picture

Congrats Dabitch and all other people who make this blog a treasure in the world of marketing and advertising!

Imanaddy's picture

Way to go - this lovely land of Adland has been kicking butt for years! (so does this mean we aren't the best kept secret anymore?)

Dabitch's picture

Looks like we aren't - eleven million visits? jebus! Well deserved Dab, Claymore, Robblink, Caffeinegoddess and everyone else who posts don't think I haven't noticed marcomp and Hidden and all the other new faces - I would like to thank the academy of surfing peers for giving the prize to the oldest, biggest and best creative gossip site out here. Nothing, but nothing, compares. Take a bow everyone. Now, who brought the bubbly?

Dabitch's picture

Thanks everyone. *bows* ... And silly rabbit, secrets are for kids.

adlib's picture

getting farked due to the Beer-catfight thread was fun too - though I suspect our machine-mistress didn't think so.

Hidden Persuader's picture

Congrats-&-lations are in order. Though I do believe the people behind the Ad-Rag 'online community' deserve much more hehe .. cheerio :)

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