Adland's Commercial-Archive now has over 40,000 commercials.

Bragtime! At last count we had 41497 quicktime commercials in total, so it's high time to hang up the brag-sign here. Adland's Commercial Archive, including the superbowl commercial archive now has over fourty thousand ads in it. Yikes! No wonder I keep having to get bigger servers, aye?

You can browse the archives by month and year or use the advanced search to find all commercials for "bud", for example. Just change the "bud" in that URL to what you want to search instead.
OR search commercials only WITH images via this link - no advanced options there.

Here, I'll teach you a new trick in the often overlooked search engine - click on advanced search and then check the box for commercials to get only commercials in your returned results. Much better aye?

As always, we ain't never gonna quit. Previous brag-posts: 30,000 and mounting, 20,000 According to the AdLand odometer.....

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Awesome! We're glad that you keep on trucking! 

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Adding another search widget. try this one, which returns results with images. Better?

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OoHooHooH wait it gets better! Try this one search only the commercials with images. yeah yeah? wasn't that exactly what everyone (including me) wanted ? Hmm?

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Goed artikel, ik heb deze blog opgenomen op mij iGoogle! [link deleted by admin]fake rolex

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Oh that's hilarious, generic "good article, I bookmarked this" spam in Dutch! What have I done to deserve this?

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Todays commercial-count: 43352 total, just FYI folks.