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Admen in Spaaaaace!

Richard Branson, president of the Virgin Group, said today he hopes to begin carrying space tourists on sub-orbital flights in just three years. His new company, Virgin Galatic, is already selling tickets- apparently even one to Trevor Beattie, CD at TBWA/London.

Initial flights aboard a Rutan-designed spacecraft capable of carrying five passengers will run around $190,000. Trevor Beattie, a well-known advertising personality in Britain, has already booked a flight.

"I think anyone who had the chance to go would want to go," he said today. "Well, I've got the chance to go because of my profession and because of Richard."

Also ad-related, 7up announced a promotional contest for next year to give away at least one free ticket- currently of a value of $190,000.
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Beattie in space...?
.. Too.. many... evil... jokes... must ...contain myself... *ahahahahahaa*

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admit it, you want to ask him to fcuk off and never come back. ;)

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Perhaps in space there will be enough room for his ego.