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AdVent - best horrible line wins!

We've all been there, when your client or boss says something incredibly stupid in he heat of the moment.
Lines like "What's the latest I can approve this and still have it ASAP?". Classics like "Perfect! See changes." and such - well Jim from Coudal.com and myself want you to AdVent!
Tell us the stupidest lines you've ever heard, and get a chance to win a 20pack from Jewelboxing, the professional-grade, short-run DVD/CD packaging system.

Best two stupidest lines win a 20pack from Jewelboxing- so you can make a great looking send-off portfolio or reel and get the heck out of that agency. ;)

The best (of the worst!) two lines will be judged by Jim Coudal and Myself on the 9th of Feb - That's Monday in two weeks folks. Get your advent on and tell us what the stupidest thing you ever heard was. To participate, simply leave a comment with the lines. I'll email the chosen two, make you sure to check your mail on Monday the 9th.

Everyone wins, as everyone who enters will receive something!

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AD (me): "It's not a space, it's a gap."

If art directors can't laugh at themselves, who can they laugh at? I mean other than clients, CDs and AEs.

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LOL. The mystery of el facsimile machino was more widespread that you might think. Back in the mid 90s, I worked the graveyard shift at Kinko's to supplement my meager freelance income (and work on my projects during the night, since I didn't own a computer at the time - hey, it was North Dakota). My favorite two incidents were 1) the bloke who wanted to send his fax double-sided to save on the transmission charge, and 2) the marketing graduate who insisted that I send her resume so that it would come out on the other side on resume paper (recycled grey cotten linen, if I remember correctly).

And while I'm at it, off-topic and all, you couldn't help but love the old school Kinko's customers who wanted their originals mimeographed, correlated, duplexed, dittoed, or insisted that I give them the carbons from the copy process, for security purposes. Oy.

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Just back from a meeting, where the following exchange occured:

AE: I'm not quite happy with the design. Could you tweak it a bit for me?
Me: In what way?
AE: I think it should look more corporate.
Me: But they haven't got a corporate syle yet.
AE: I know that.
Me: So what do you mean?
AE: It needs to look more corporate.
Me: In what way?
AE: You know. Clean and corporate.
Me: Clean? You think this looks dirty?
AE: Now you're being difficult. It needs to look clean and corporate.
Me: When you say 'clean' what are you seeing in your mind?
AE: White space.
Me: Right. So by 'clean' you mean you want more white space. Okay, can we cut the copy down?
AE: No.
Me: Drop the point size?
AE: No. They want it in 10pt.
Me: Then I can't give you more white space.
AE: But that's what I want. It needs to be cleaner and more corporate. Why don't you try using a sans serif font for the copy? That might make it more coporate.


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Boss: (frustrated after a few unsuccessful tries) How do I use this fax machine?
Me: You have to press "9" before the fax number to dial out and you place the fax face down in the machine.
Boss: Yeah, I knew all that. I just wanted to be 100% sure.

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This thread makes me laugh, then cry, then cry with laughter. Is it the most commented post ever?

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Yep, it holds the current record with seventyfour, er.. seventysix comments.

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Officially the thread that never dies, I gather.


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