The advertisers you won't see on the super bowl.

We've been psyched since October, when Fox let it be known that the Super Bowl commercial slots were already sold out. So who will not be in the Super Bowl Commercial archive this year? have now moved beyond simple brand awareness. Or maybe they just grew tired of competing with Careerbuilder. Last year they had a fiddling beaver. This year, no beaver at all.

Papa John's doesn't have to, they sponsor the NFL and you've seen all their ads a hundred times already. However, they did throw in a twist that if the Super Bowl goes into overtime, they'll give you free pizza.

“We look at the Super Bowl this year as an opportunity to reward fans for their loyalty all year,” Mr. Terfehr said.

In short, it ain't never gonna happen.

KGB were roundly made fun of last year for their banned head-up-their-asses ad, so they're trying a new tactic, now advertising more in "social media". In other words they're talking to people who know how to use google. Good luck with finding your customer base there guys.

Intel who ran with cute robots and impressed geeks last year have decided to bow out of the game as well.

Denny's won't be back either. Maybe it was the free breakfast that put a dent in their ad spending money. Word is that they're looking at doing more "integrated" campaigns this year.

For a change of pace: Pepsi is back, they tried staying out of it last year, but now they are back in. We can promise it won't involve Michael J Fox though.

Conclusion, nearly every advertiser that is bowing out is looking into or already diverting their marketing spend to social media and integrated campaigns. The 30 second multimillion-dollar ad slot might actually be dead soon......

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