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Advertising is blind.

Who're the latest commercial darlings? The vision impaired.

The Arizona Republic has the story, and we have the spots.

Superadgrunts, check out the commercials featuring our blind friends from Kohler, Pontiac, Crown Royal, plus a spiffy classic for Diet Pepsi featuring Ray Charles that ran during the 1990 Super Bowl.

Now the big question is, is this exploitation of a disability to sell a product or savvily acknowledging that blind folk can be groovy too? Comments are encouraged.

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Actually, all the commercials are excellent, but the Pontiac commerical kicks serious ass! Wow!

claymore's picture

I agree. It's sad, actually. Those of us on the creative side of advertising often rely way too heavily on vision and sound, ignoring the other senses that, while we can't harness directly in TV commercials, we can alude to through... well, creative approaches. Touch and smell are primal forces that are just begging to be properly harnessed for a devastatingly effective punch.

Plus, I'm completely twitterpated with that gal in the Pontiac commercial. Yowza!

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blind people are people too. more power to 'em!

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twitterpated?? Hahaha,. we'll I do love that ad - makes me want to go driving, and I have less experience with four wheeled beasts than the female lead character of that ad.