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Advertising: the booziest industry by far

Advertising really is the alcoholic industry according to a survey from the Centre For Economic and Business Research which shows how much each British industry spends on alcohol per employee the Telegraph reports. Advertising firms shell out £ 248 per employee and year! That buys quite a few Bishops Fingers, or 47 bottles of Chardonnay.

Greg Delaney, from Delaney Lund Knox Warren, London said to the Telegraph: "There are a lot of assiduous, work-hard play-hard types in the advertising world," The image of the industry as alcohol-sodden is not entirely fair, although we do have a reputation for tremendous Christmas bashes."

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You have expensive taste. ;)

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No wonder I haven't been able to get ahead in this business. I don't drink anything stronger than Pepto Bismal.

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Wash some Valium down with it and you'll fit right in!