Advertising is like a cult

"but not like a cult in a bad way or anything like that, like a uh, good cult." The Mentorship do their best Tom Cruise impressions talking about something that they say is different from traditional advertising internships (though they fail to explain how - I had live briefs and real clients at my ad school already, and every day on my internships, plus senior creatives watching over me specifically... and I even got paid a wee sum of money.. so what's the difference guys?)

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"Don't be afraid, you'll like it here - I promise" - sounds like a pitch for a retirement village. Or heaven. Or a cult.

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it's meant to be funny. It's a parody of Dianetics recruitment. It's a funny ad idea "let's pretend its a cult and we're brainwashed and it's somehow different from other internships".

RC are you RC? C'moan adgrunts. It's a funny joke

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Oh so the it's-not-at-all-different-from-any-other-internship is funny because they tell us about it in cult-like fashion? How meta. (I get it's meant to be funny, I just don't think that it is - but humor is very subjective)

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I thought it was pretty funny. Not as funny as Tom Cruise though.

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I didn't think it was funny. It was more creepy than anything else. And cheesy.

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Not funny, it is too Kool-Aid ish.