Advertising Week In NYC 2004


Advertising Week In NYC 2004

Advertising Week, will be held in September in New York City. The event, which is part festival and part conference, "will include the unveiling a new advertising "walk of fame" along Madison Avenue, the symbolic center of the ad industry".

The Madison Avenue walk of fame will enshrine pop-culture brand icons such as the Energizer Bunny and the Coppertone Girl on the sidewalk. Members of the public will be able to vote for the icons and ad slogans through a contest run by Gannett Co.'s USA Today.

Other events include a series of seminars and roundtable discussions on advertising industry issues, sponsored by Advertising Age and the Museum of TV and Radio. In addition, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences today announced it will sponsor a black-tie awards ceremony Sept. 22 to honor creativity in the advertising industry.
Advertising Week is scheduled for September 20th to 24th, 2004.



Just what the advertising industry needs: yet another event to celebrate itself. Wonder how long it'll take before the handprints of advertising people themselves grace the sidewalk, alongside the "icons" they create!

hahaha, I can picture Madison Avenue covered in little ad-stars with handprints from Bernbach to Hegarty.... That would be funny!

I wonder if adbusters are going to attend the festivities?

With the giant black-spot-sneaker and "Dead-TV" Brand icons-charachters? :)

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