After Tiger Woods dropped his pants, which sponsors will drop him? ( has the odds)

Now that Tiger Woods, the main celebrity vehicle of so many brands, has tarnished his brand and stepped away from golf to spend some time with his family and become a better man - which brands are dropping him? A handy list, for those at home keeping score.

  • NYT says "Gillette to limit the role of Tiger in advertising, which is marketing speak for "we're not shooting more ads with him, but we're also not spending money on recalling the ones currently on air" - which may explain why I keep seeing that Gillette Fusion stuff starring Tiger on TV here.
  • the same article we can see that "AT&T said Friday in a statement that “we are presently evaluating our ongoing relationship with him.” so that sponsorship deal seems gone.
  • Accenture is not mincing words, they're the first sponsor to drop Tiger Woods completely.. They explain "[we've] determined that he is no longer the right representative for [our] advertising". Say buh-bye to that check, Elin.
  • Gatorade has another cold shower : they dropped Tiger like a cooler of drink.
  • Nike is sticking by Tiger, he has Nike's full support, as do posterboys Michael Vick, Andre Agassi, and Ronaldo. Spot a trend!
  • Tag Huer takes down posters with Tiger down under, but deny this has anything to do with his recent transgressions. Hmmmm.
  • EA sports says they're sticking with Tiger, then again he's hard to drop after they've created the Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online, it's not like they could reanimate that game and make the main golfer somebody else....

    Update While Tiger gets poorer, savvy betters are cashing in at Earlier this week, CEO Mickey Richardson and his team put together odds on which sponsor will be the first to give him the boot, with Pepsi Co’s Gatorade and Tag Heuer as frontrunners and TLC Vision Corp and Accenture following close behind. Full odds below as they were on December 11:

    First Sponsor to Drop Tiger Woods

    Nike +400 (20%)
    Accenture +350 (22%)
    Gillette +800 (11%)
    PepsiCo’s Gatorade +250 (29%)
    Tag Heuer Watches +330 (23%)
    Electronic Arts Inc. +500 (17%)
    Upper Deck, Net Jets +700 (13%)
    TLC Vision Corp +350 (22%)

    [The +/- Indicates the Return on the Wager. For Example: Betting on the company least likely to drop him would earn the most amount of money, should that happen. The percentage is the likelihood each sponsor will drop him]

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