Agreeing with everyone on The Beancast: who'da thunk it?

Last last night we recorded another episode of The Beancast, called "just one more point" which you can listen to now. Guests were Rosanna Fiske, @fiskey , CEO of PRSA. Key-note King Joseph Jaffe, @jaffejuice and the fab Ad Contrarian, @adcontrarian a.k.a Bob Hoffman, President, Hoffman-Lewis Advertising. The Show kicked off with a question about The Big TV Case Study and I found myself nodding in agreement for a good 20 minutes. You can't hear that, just picture it. ;P

I mentioned that The 16th of june idea that reinvigorated Tunisia after the revolution is a must watch, we spoke about Bob Parsons elephant killing, we spoke about Google +1 idea, Wal-mart trying to take New York City, and how companies should not fake the green. The "Fiji - every drop is green" example is just one of the many horrors found at The Greenwashing index.

Joseph Jaffe is auctioning away another Keynote for a cause - this time he's donating all his money to Japan earthquake relief.

My topic to watch this week is MIPTV live from Cannes as you can listen in on keynotes on their blog and keep track of the tags #miptv on twitter. There's a session on transmedia storytelling about to begin now, I better find my headphones, stat.

I did the show high off marshmallows and Dr Pepper. Was in dire need of more caffeine as I forgot to mention that we pranked Starbucks, and they pranked us right back for April Fools. Moral of the story: nothing beats coffee.

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Ask (how do you put those little circles over the A?):

It was great to meet you, even if only telephonically. I thought it was a lively discussion last night on The BeanCast and the great part was that for two solid hours Knorpp was too busy to tweet.

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Ditto! That was awesome, we shall speak again (and keep Bob from tweeting).

Macs are wonderful, you can usually find the Å if you Shift+Option+A (shift-"apple"-A) on a mac, even when the keyboard & language is set to English. :) On PC's you ALT+0197 which is a royal pain.

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May I see raised hands -- Who did: option + every key on keyboard, then option + shift every key, then FTH of it cmd + option every .. {oops not a clever thing to do}.

Hand up except for the cmd + part (I keybd key navigate. Hear that iTunes.).

Beancast covered Digital being mixed up with Social; the crayon model. MIPSTV is on right now and all the talk is Social. The buzz is 2nd screen with viewers checking in at the TV. OK, that is the content people (formats) speaking. I watched the TNT twitter experiment (year & a half ago?) - it was Mystery Science Theater and the yammering robot was some guy pumping tweets to the screen. I turned the TV off.

I am not sure what Mr. Scott means when he says, "good content will socialize". It was said in the context of a water cooler metaphor. I see a train wreak if they are mixing Social up with viewer interaction with a show. TV is about entertainment and I guess some programming is suitable for the viewer to be part of the show. Yes, some.

So, I declared that I am the official Old Fart who does not wish to be annoyed by the drama he is watching. Will that "good content" Socialize? And for whom? I see smoke & mirrors in play even though they talk like Social is magic.

Anybody want to take a stab at it?

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You can have the worlds biggest box of crayons at your disposal, but if you don't know what you're drawing, you're pretty much screwed anyhow. Unless you're Jackson Pollock.

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The voice dominating TV seems to be the format guys (game shows, non-scripted reality, scripted reality, plus whatever). #MIPTV seems that way -- Take 2 Browser Crash! -->

If I understand correctly they are throwing all kinds of Social [interactive] TV ideas up in the air just to see the splatter. The good part is I think the mobile interface will be the new TV remote. Advertising should be interesting; 16 to 35 age group.

Glad I don't see the shiny "idol" the same way as they do. Hard network sell. BTW I had to look up Pollock.

Jackson Pollock Interactive

Trying to socialize television via "good content" [art]: