Amnesty ads travel the globe and back, still.

Have you guys seen the amount of trackbacks going on under the Amnesty International "It's not happening here" campaign post? There are 29 trackbacks to that post, a record beating out the second most trackbacked article by at least 15 TB's. Technorati lists 281 links in to that article!
I might as well admit defeat now, Caffienegoddess found the most trackbacked story of the year, I don't think anyone will beat that come December and our yearly roundup of things. But go ahead and try. ;)

Now, since a majority of these trackbacks are coming from regular joe and jane blogger, rather than adgrunt bloggers I wonder if it will be talked about as a successful viral of the year, if at all. It is a succesful viral - the posters were only hung in Switzerland but now people from Turkey, the Netherlands, Japan, Finland, Germany, The UK, The USA and Norway are talking about it, and thinking about it. Forums link to it (which Technorati doesn't show) and the link is still activly being emailed around. Congrats Walker Werbeagentur in Zürich, I honestly think you might have done the most viral ad campaign of the year.

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i absolutely agree
I remember that the story was dugg too.

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Oh was it? I never saw that. Neat.