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AOL's new AIM viral campaign incomplete

As a creative director that has been hip deep in interactive since 1992, this kind of thing just bugs me.

AOL has rolled out a viral campaign for its new/improved AIM Mail product. They created what appears to be seven AIM personalities, complete with blogs, and developed viral ads for two; HelloTokyo94 and DayDreamer933.

Where AOL dropped the ball is they did not register the domains for the other personalities (BigHairGurl84, PRETTYVACANT834, etc). I can understand not producing a viral for each one, but I would have at least registered each domain for the client in case these took off.

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Heya Stormbear, long time no e-see. ;)

Yeah that was pretty daft of them, wonder who'll register PRETTYVACANT834 to make a spoof or anti-AOL campaign?... *whistles innocently..*