Apple inc doesn't like Apfelkind's apple logo.

Apple computers have taken issue with a small cafe in Bonn called "apple child" ( Apfelkind ). The U.S. company is bothered by the logo of the café, which shows a red apple with a white silhouette of a child's head. Apple complains that there exists a likelihood of confusion with their own logo. The owner of the café feels that "Apple must be joking".

All thee who speak German can get more from this clip.

Apple gegen Apfelkind by verbraucherinfoTV

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the owner said she got inspired by the apple trees in the garden. it is a cafe for mothers and their kids.
apple have lost it. surely, they will go after 'the church' next for using an apple in that sci-fi book they issued a while back.

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There are absolutely no similarities whatsoever between the two designs. And this is just a coffee shop, for God's sake.