Are you coder enough to crack these problems?

Agencies Peacock and Lonely Duck got together and created the 100%-flash based code-cracking website "welcome to the list" where there are lots of interesting programming problems to be solved. The ones who solve the problems the fastest have 100 jobs at ÅF to choose from - because this is actually a recruiting site. The game ends the 31st of October.
Welcome To The List
But that's not all that is hidden on this site, there are also 1500 Jolt Cola's hidden as easter eggs everywhere. And since I'm not looking for a job as a programmer, I challenge you to find more of them than I already have! ;)

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I found 732. What about you, hot shot? ;)

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Ha! Cheater! I bet you didn't even get past "want to play a game?"

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I didn't even get that far.

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When I go there, all I see is the cursor (>) blinking. If I enter "Y", I get a message about the site, and a list of the top 10 people who've entered. (This may be because I don't have Flash installed on this client's PC).

Let's not forget that I don't program in Flash, so I'm probably at a slight disadvantage. ;->

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If you don't have flash, the flash interface asks you "download Flash (Y or N) - so that's not it.
You just haven't figured out how to get to the next step yet. ;P

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Just to clarify something, it's not 1500 Jolt Colas but 1500 Jolt Cola for a year that can be found. And so far, only seven of those easter eggs have been found.