Are you smart enough to win some free book smarts?

Chad Rea and Anthony Burril have just launched their trilogy Now it's your turn to make the follow-up book, The Truth About Advertising. The top three lines, chosen by Chad, will get a set of booksmarts123 books for the Xmas stocking.

To enter to win, just read on - winners will be drawn the 19th and sent off the 20th of December, it'll reach your stocking just in time for jingle day.

What you have to do is make a comment. Make the advertising version of booksmarts - advertising smarts. Comment a wellknown truth about advertising, like these examples. Share the ad smarts. The undispensible advertising truths will win.

It's just a [insert product here] .

TV advertising isn't getting better. TV programming is getting worse.

You can polish a turd, but it's still a turd.

Right get cracking, hit that comment button! Small print: As per usual, It doesn't matter where you live on this big planet of ours, you can still win as long as you live in AdLand. ;)

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Deadline is yesterday.

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Fast. Cheap. Beautiful. Pick any two.

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You can trademark anything.

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The client is always right.

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It isn't art if you aren't suffering.

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what i really want to do is direct.

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