ArrrrrrR! It's international Talk Like a Pirate day

Arrr, ahoy, gar! Today, matey, is talk like a pirate day, and t' celebrate, I have a hack har that makes all ye retweets o' anythin' adlandy look all piratey. Well, har on adland at least - see screenshot abo'e, tis' doin' it right now t' all retweets e'er seen undeneath each post/ad. Tis' also muckin' with menu-titles and 'arious other bits that it can change har, so if the site seems t' be talkin' pirate at you, tis' because it is talkin' pirate at you. Hoist t'Pirate Flag, gar! Team Pirate salutes ye me hearty, gar!

For some great grand pirate-talk tips, see Pirate Speak, or go all lazy and use the talk like a pirate generator. Aye, then have a some rum, tweet this t' all your friends, and don't forget t' say aar

Ahoy, i'm off t' 'ote in Swedens election, whar thar actually a Pirate Party t' 'ote for.

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