AT&T's Crappy Punction Ad

Slate reports on AT&T's crappy, played-out new ad with juxtaposed faces and one prominant ampersand.

AT&T is in trouble. Its long-distance business is shrinking. Its stock has lately tanked. And this new commercial sucks.
The ad is part of a $200 million campaign that's meant to jump-start the AT&T brand. Sadly, the whole thing is an ill-conceived mess.

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worst drivel ever. ugh. That The serial montage and the myth of communicative transcendence site that Slate links to is a gem though.

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The first few times I saw the different ads of this campaign all about the ampersand, I thought at first they were M&M spots (first few seconds). Guess that's part of the danger...other brands that use that ampersand as a symbol are thought of first before the brand that's actually advertising. I don't know that they can switch to "own" the ampersand, but they sure are trying.