Auctioning off Carrie's colon on Ebay

Stayfree magazines website opens on spoofed magazine covers for todays potential niche market readers, their site has articles from the magazine as well as the Stayfree blog.
The Stayfree posse and Carrie couldn't help but spoofing the inane body-part advertising space auctions on Ebay as of late, and decided to auction off Carrie's colon as advertisig space. Oh Boy! Their auction is modelled after that pregnant ladies auction, who in turn probably got the idea from those pregvert ads two years ago.

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It looks like local6 news is the place to send eBay stunt press releases by the way. Local6 runs the preegnant belly ad space story, and last week they were all over that forehead ad story. Sheesh.

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pretty clean looking colon, carrie. Here's another body for sale on ebay-- and he's selling the whole enchilada: Advertise On My Nude Body At Robert Moses Nude Beach here