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Audi ticks off Toronto with steel TT's

Illegalsigns.ca have been keeping track of those Audi TT steel signs that have appeared all over Toronto - long story short, the TT signs are meant to be “set dressing” for an Audi TV commercial so the Film and Televison Office gave the go-ahead. But the press about the ad campaign mention no commercial, instead the TT signs are the ad campaign.
Some liken these signs to street spam, others seem to think that Audi can get away with this if they just send an intern out with a camera to shoot the TT's. Maverick PR and Lowe Roche advertising are getting angry emails from pissed off Toronto people, and the story has even hit boing boing who say: "Audi defrauds Toronto with fake film permits". Not sure that was 'the buzz' they were aiming for... but you never know in this day and age - everyone is talking about Audi now.

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It's interesting to watch the backlash on this one. At Illegalsigns a few people emailed Audi and got this canned response:

Dear Mark,

Thank you very much for your letter and concern.

The Audi Canada campaign that broke yesterday was a multi touch point campaign including the temporary placement of large TT structures you’ve seen across the city for a day’s duration in each location. This effort is limited in duration to three days in total (May 16 - May 18) and involves the movement of these sculptures to various locations. Please be assured that Audi Canada along with its production partner paid for and received city permits or the private owner’s permission for all of the locations being used for the purpose of photographing / filming the TT sculptures in unique settings specific to Toronto. Given your concerns, I am pleased to tell you that the movement schedule of the TT sculptures has them only in private locations from the end of today forward.

Again, thank you for letting us know your thoughts.


Doug Clark
Director of Communications / Marketing & PR

Audi Canada

The question is, did Audi mess up, or did the PR company? Because if they are in fact shooting an ad, all is supposidly well (albeit a lot of Toronto peeps are peeved).

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This is kind of like which came first, the chicken or the egg? If an agency/client does this type of ambient action, then they'll want to document it on film. Or is it that the agency/client wanted to document this type of ambient action on film, and so they did one? I just don't understand what all the fuss is about...