Audi's "Green Police" Super Bowl XLIV ad airs in the 4th quarter. Adnerds, don't miss.

If you have been paying attention to Caff's übergeeky list Super Bowl XLIV Ads *Spoiler Alert* (so updated that we had to post it twice), you know when you should be heading to the bathroom for maximum game and great ad ratio.

This is just your friendly heads up to not go for the big flush in 4th Quarter, because that's when Audi's ad is on and I think you'll enjoy it. I must admit, I had my doubts, I mean Venables, Bell & Partners dug up Cheap Trick for the music, and the "Green Police" has made more than one person associate it straight to the Nazi-helpers Ordnungspolizei which is now making its rounds across the web. And when viewing the social media effort you might even think they'll air something like that, making for another Gatorade dog drinking moment "huh?" during the bowl. But no, it all comes together - and they have an ant eater* in the ad, so they might even take home the top honor in the unofficial "weirdest animal in a super bowl ad"-game we play while we watch.

* At least I think that's an ant eater on a leash. Whatever it is, it cracks me up.

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