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Børsen - We are in Denmark's Financial Times

While playing the NameGame where Lunds was seeking a nice new moniker various trade press took notice of the unusual way of going about it.

Børsen wrote: "The agency has started a name competition on the weblog Adland, found on the address www.ad-rag.com , and which is one of the worlds largest and most visited advertising weblogs and cyber-"room" for advertising chats and industry gossip."

A little further in they quote Susan Hjorlev Lund who says: "We don't think that our current name reflects all our skills and competence. We are an international agency with international clients and co-workers, so it's natural to us to announce this competition over the world wide web. We chose Adland because they have over 50.000 visitors a day."

Borsen.dk - Link to PDF

Original file

As for the game, the NameGame started here and the 23 winners were announced here

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