"Banning the Mr T Snickers and Heinz 'male kiss' ads defies common sense"

Paul Shearer shares his two pence in the organgrinder / guardian blog here.

What's so amazing is that the ads were pulled because of complaints from the US. We Brits are supposed to be the upholders of all things Godlike.

Is it the Obama influence? Or has Mr Bush got too much time on his hands and is watching daytime Freeview?

Come on! We don't complain that the World Series does not include anyone outside the US. Or that you never let Elvis come here to visit us.

The serious point I see in all this is that once again advertising is being left behind by the real world and by that I mean TV programme-makers. If we lose our edge, fast forwarding through the ads will be the norm.

Let's look at the facts here. Kissing men have been in ads for years and over the top macho is come and gone. Levis had men stripping in public 30 years ago. Banning these ads defies common sense.

By not treating overreaction with a swift boot up the backside we are putting TV commercials even further behind the programme-makers.

See also yesterdays post by moi Suddenly, all ads are banned for homophobia? First Heinz, then Snickers - now Nike. in case you missed it.

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I really wanted to have a clip here of Cary Grant as David in "Bringing up baby" wearing a women's boa-collared negligee yelling: "Because I just went gay all of a sudden!" listen here.

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What a load of crap, I think they are great ads! Get over this political bull shit!!!

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Interesting that in both cases complaints from the US caused the ads to be withdrawn in the UK.

I guess people in the UK should stick to UK brands then.