The Barbarian Group reminisce on the Subservient Chickens fifth anniversary

Happy 5th Birthday, Subservient Chicken - yes the chicken we showed you back in April of 04 with the headline This defies explanation, but the legs garters are quite nice the chicken that spawned countless spoof like the Subservient Blair. The chicken who had its own bizarre commercial is five years old. Here is the story of the birth of this chicken craze as told by Rick Webb, Co-founder & COO at The Barbarian Group.

I remember Keith and I walking into Benjamin’s office, and he was on AOL Instant Messenger with Jeff Benjamin, as he often was back then. We’d already done several jobs with Jeff, both at Goodby and at Crispin, and he and Benjamin spent a lot of time talking on IM.
“Hey… so… do you think we could do this thing…?” Benjamin said.
He said, “Hey Keith!” (Which usually was a signal that he was about to pitch a new idea to me, and wanted to make sure it was feasible, possible, mad, awesome, etc.). “Can we make a chicken do whatever you tell it to? On the Internet?” – Keith

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