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"Be kind, rewind" - Ok, I will!

Adland's own hot-shot director Michel Gondry has a new movie coming out called "Be Kind Rewind." In it two guys who work in a video store erase all the tapes and replace the movies with themselves acting out the film instead. Lets pretend it's 1998 and video tapes are still around and go with that idea for a moment. They replace the films on the tape with themselves acting out the movie. Hmm. Oddly familiar... If this idea seems like it's ten years old, well it might just be because Nickelodeon did a show 8 years ago with the same idea. Tee hee! Congrats Michel, you've been honorarily badlanded.

To carry the movies' premise even further, Michel wasn't happy with the studios trailer so he made his own. Hardy-har-har. Oh you so funny Michel.

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And here I thought it sounded like a unique premise. Seems I was wrong.

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I highly doubt Gondry ever saw this horribly executed skit or any other horribly executed skit from the forgettable blip that was the Amanda Show.

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Likely true (I'd never heard of this series, myself. Looks migrane-inducing). But if I were to make a film, I'd make sure I'd throughly researched to make sure the idea hasn't been done already.

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All ideas have likely been done, the trick is to do them better. ;) I seriously doubt that Gondry ever watched Nickelodeon in his life. (and I do think his version of the trailer is funny).

Here's a kind review that makes me want to see the film*. In wacky 'Rewind,' community is rekindled

How this comes to pass is better left for a first-hand encounter or for a roundtable discussion at a science-fiction convention. Suffice it to say that Mike (Mos Def) and Jerry (Black) spring to action after Jerry demagnetizes all the videocassettes in a freak accident. Mike is minding the store while Mr. Fletcher's away and decides it'd be easier to shoot a ghetto "Ghostbusters" than buy it from the West Coast Video down the street. So with a lot of tinfoil and Mike's emergency casting ("I'm Bill Murray and you're everybody else") a craze is born.

Soon hipsters, thugs, regular folks, and Mia Farrow (having a ball playing a woman named Miss Falewicz) are lining up to order titles. And Mike, Jerry, and their quick-thinking co-conspirator Alma (the heart-meltingly wonderful Mel onie Diaz), are charging $20 rental fees for movies they claim are from Sweden. Thus their remakes are instantly called "sweded" versions, a perfect term less since it recalls the cinema of Ingmar Bergman and more because it evokes the process of assembling cheap, boxed furniture yourself. Gondry has hit upon the Ikea version of moviemaking.

Really, all these three are making is viral videos. Here, though, the virus brings people out of their houses and onto the streets. Once things start looking especially dire for the store, the people of Passaic come together to help with the sweding. Production increases, as do the odds of raising enough money to save the store. This is WeTube.

(emphasis mine)

Love the swede-fying of it all. I much prefer being famous for Bergman and flatpacked furniture than slutty blonds.

* well, that and I rally really like Jack Black because when paparazzi comes around him, he does this. LUV IT!