The Beancast 168: A vat of Ranch Dressing

I was as per usual, staying up all night working when @Thebeancast's Bob Knorpp asked if I could join the beancast as he had a last-minute cancellation. Thats how I ended up talking about Panda-updates and a vat of ranch dressing in the wee hours, as you do.

Jason Falls - @jasonfalls - Founder of Social Media Explorer and Shiv Singh - @shivsingh - the Global Head of Digital at Pepsico Beverages joined in. (Shiv has a blog called goingsocialnow too) were on the show with me, and of course our host Bob Knorpp @thebeancast .

We spoke a bit about the American Apparel fiasco where Nancy Upton made a big fat spoof of their 'fat model' hunt with her grilled chicken-eating ways and defying stare at the camera as if she's saying: "This is what you think of us bigger girls, isn't it?" She won the competition, but AA made the mistake of stripping her of the title for "[her] attempts to discredit the positive intentions of our challenge. In the end Nancy Upton got revenge when people called the company out for "acting like a baby", and they've now asked her out to the L.A. headquarters.

We also spoke about 'get ' em when they're young' advertising on College campuses and I recalled the story of Save Louis Vitton which was chalk-doodled all over Yale's campus by law students, of all people. There was lots of talk about social media, with Shiv sharing gems on what to do and not to do when using twitter as an engagement tool, social media isn't broadcast media. At some point I got to slap Google again. Good times!

In my stories to watch, I reminded everyone that the category-free media-free BIG IDEA award a.k.a the Tomorrowawards deadline is October 3rd. the Monster Jury this year includes Masako Okamura from Dentsu, Sergio Mugnaini, from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and Steve Mykolyn from TAXI. Send in your big idea.

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