beer and twins

I love football on TV,
Shots of Gina Lee,
Hanging with my friends,
And twins!

Diane and Elaine Klimaszewski - Coors new bodies - eh - spokestwins are rocking the beer-world..... (continue to see them)

Corporate communications at Coors shares with us how they reached this groundbreaking new concept:

"We have dramatically increased our research budget so that we can almost anticipate, like the fashion and entertainment industries do, what the next trend will be," he adds. "It all goes so quickly now, you really have to work to stay connected. This is the generation that grew up with computers. They're used to the next upgrade, and they get bored very quickly."

But in the meantime, racy images grab their attention.

Once the basic bar research was finished, Coors enlisted the help of FCB Worldwide. The Chicago-based ad agency found a pair of nicely endowed twins -- and the concept of "Love Songs" was born.

"I thought that it spoke to the truth of how this young culture lives today," says Askew. "They like football on TV, Maxim and FHM magazines, eating burritos. They love staying at parties till 4 a.m."

"We had no idea that it was going to become an anthem that would catch on with the whole country," says Elaine Klimaszewski. "I think the song made the difference. And twins -- it's just so catchy."

"Love Songs" is actually a takeoff on "I Love," a 1973 country song written by Tom T. Hall

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.... are those real .. teeth?

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from the westworld article:
Last fall, Kelly and a colleague published a study that concluded that cigarette and beer advertisements with images of attractive people enjoying themselves had far more of an impact on teenagers than text-only ads.

no shit? i'd never guess that. i'm going to bring that up in a meeting at work this week.

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I know I'm not the target audience for these ads, but they really offend me. Or annoy me. Probably both.

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Works for me just fine.

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^ he's target market.

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It's both. I hated the editing.