Behind the scenes in the making of Bridgestone's Super Bowl XLIV commercials

Bridgestone have, like last year, decided to release sneak peeks on what may come on Feb. 7 - and as a bonus they've released some interview footage with the creative teams who worked on each ad. The Bridgestone brand will also serve as the title sponsor of the Super Bowl XLIV Halftime Show featuring the legendary rock band, The Who. Yes I can say legendary, if you don't like it I'll get out my guitar and do my rendition of "behind blue eyes" and trust me you won't like that.

First up, set in a future where "the world is very wet" and great tires are worth their weight in gold,
Trent Stoner and Michael Fluck from Bridgestone show us what's going on at the shoot in the middle of the Nevada desert. (more inside)

The resulting teaser for "Your tires or your life"

Now over to the other ad, where a full size killer whale seems to be hitching a ride. Bill Cochran and Patrick Murray take us behind the scenes showing bits of animatronic whale and explaining what they're trying to do: ""we're just trying to come up with something big and eyegrabbing"

...and the resulting teaser