The Big AdGig 2011 - your vote can kill a team.

"The most historic advertising decision since Pantone 128 vs. Pantone 129." Yes, The Big Adgig is on again, and it's up to you to vote for the video you think are good - chiseling the 15 video shortlist down to eight. Remember kids, every time you vote "a junior gets its wings". This explains all the fly-swatters seen in creative departments.

This is Sara Nitz' submission.

This one is from Claudio Venturini.

Jonathan Westerfield- "Pop and lock you say, that is most satisfactory"

William Shandling likes the birds and the bees.

No competition is complete without a jab at the most loved ad of all time; "1984". This is created by Jason Perez.

Now, off you go to The Big Adgig to watch and vote for the ones you think should have a chance at the Big Ad gig.

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