The biggest drawing in the world: One part GPS, one part DHL, add creativity and stir gently.


The biggest drawing in the world: One part GPS, one part DHL, add creativity and stir gently.


Erik Nordenankar doesn't do things half-assed. In fact, he's created The Biggest drawing in the world with a little help from a GPS device and DHL. This was his end of school project at Beckmans and I'm willing to bet money he'll land an awesome job pronto. In fact, if DHL doesn't pay him some money to us this as the viral campaign it already is, I'm going to get mighty peeved. YOU HEAR ME DHL?

Hat tip to Marias Reklamblogg

Update Thursday May 29 An update on "the biggest drawing in the world"


That's brilliant. Must have cost a fortune (haven't had time to watch the videos yet). Just submitted this to BoingBoing for you.

Im pretty sure that DHL is already behind this one. But quite a smart way to make it look like a personal project.

Anyone who know the agency?

Hi cosmonaut , I haven't seen you around in years, how is it?

No agency involved, somehow this student managed to pull this off on his own. Looks like he spent the last semester flying around the world too, which is just as well because how much do you really learn at Beckmans? His project page from the graduating advertising & design class explains;

The best advertising is developed with society. using a GPs and the express shipping company DhL, i drew a self-portrait on our planet. i used the technological aids of our time to make the world’s biggest drawing, along with advertising adapted to the contemporary era.
a campaign the recipient wants to see and which is interesting enough for people to want to share it with their friends.

It does say "Fotokoncept & produktion: FC UNITED Fredrik Evensen & Carl Kleiner right below that text but I can't see what they mean they "produced" on FC uniteds hompage.

Whoah, major project-envy.

Thanks malkie66. And yeah I don't think he could afford to do this without a little help from DHL. (He's seen in so many of the countries where the bag is too) - BUT - I don't think he's actually doing it. That footage can be from other times, it's just very clever edits.

Very nice.

What a way to (should've if not already) fly around the World for free!

Dis dood shuld be giving us edumakayshun. Fucking awesome.

Technically it's not a drawing because the GPS suitcase only exists at one point at a time and the line it etches out in the time-lapse is not made of anything and does not persist in any way. If someone goes on a trip the trip is not an actual thing, it is a series of events. The drawing itself exists only as a representation of a series of events inside a computer so (assuming the information stored in a computer actually represents a thing) the drawing is really very tiny.

Ha! I nominate that to the best nitpicking this year!

(I have seen in other forums that people are questioning the validity of the sea-lines, saying nobody, or rather no boat would go that route etc. It really makes you wish for a little more meat on the site - even though I'm quite content with saying "great idea" and leaving it at that.)

Thank you, I put somewhat effort into that.

That is so cool. I love it!

I know Erik personally and this is a real graduation project and not just a viral.
Though like Dabitch says, it should be.

Be sure to tell him that this is a great idea from me.

I love adland, while other sites are guessing left and right, here we have adgrunts who actually know him. Have you read the youtube comments? All big screams about fake without even knowing what it is. Youtube people have the IQ of dinosaurs.

I think the youtube people have IQs significantly lower than that.

How very true. I never read them.

This is viral now isn't it? I can't turn to a website without seeing this linked.

Well, yes, by the classic definition of "viral" as in many people are talking about it - check the numbers in the hall of fame. 12184 reads so far.

Did this come before or after ? It's a very similar idea for another GPS system.

According to my friend Kristofer Mencák, they were discussing how to get this idea off the ground before went live, so no Erik wasn't aware of the other site which didn't even exist when this was at the concept stage.



– Är det verkligen sant att DHL transporterat den här gps-väskan runt jorden?
– Nej, det är en helt uppdiktad historia. Vi har inget med det här att göra, säger Cornilla von Plomgren som är presstalesman för DHL i Sverige.

-Is it really true that DHL has transported this bag around the earth?
- No, that part is enterily fabricated. We have nothing to do with it, said Cornilla von Plomgren press spokesperson for DHL Sweden

Not that it makes the viral idea or Erik's final school project bad. Erik Nordenankar isn't answering his cell these days, getting too many calls says the answering machine. I bet. :)

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