Bilingual Heineken looses its shirt.

The Heineken twins - or; Stare at a logo long enough and you'll find ... that same very thing other people who stared at the logo found!

Client: Heineken

Agency: DDFH&B(Irish JWT agency)

AD and CW: I really wish I knew.

Headline:Forget the shorts this summer

Payoff:Lager Beer at it's best.

Client: Heineken (no, Really?)

Agency: PPGH/JWT Amsterdam

AD: Ingeborg de Caluwe
CW: Paul de Jongh

Line: Het thuistenue ( Roughly means; The Home teams Shirt)

Hmm. a tough one this is.. At PPGH/JWT amsterdam they not only claim that they thought of it first, but didn't produce it until later, now they also say that they gave the idea to their Irish sister agency. The irish ad was produced first. And I suspect, by Irish creatives rather than dutch creatives.
Then again, the dutch Heineken campaign is all about close-ups on the beer can as a visual with a witty line, and I have no idea how the irish campaign works. Still, i prefer the irish ad...maybe cause I'm really not that good at dutch..*grin*.

UPDATE & BONUS added Heineken: Rugby Shirt image to the top. "Your official gear for the game. The official beer for Singapore Rugby Sevens. Heineken"
Published November 2002, credits as follows.

Advertising Agency: Bates, Singapore
Creative Director: John Archer
Creatives: Neil Leslie, Kevin Larken
Servicing: Craig Mapleston
Photographer: Teo

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