Blogs are like soap bubbles - Kom Nærmare TDC (Danish)

Blogs are like soap bubbles.
In the TDC magazine "Kom nærmare" there is a long feature about blogs and in it, yours truly is quoted - my quote even gets the big blue font signed "Åsk Wäppling".
Useless trivia: the baby in the bottom right bubble is my daughter. ;)

Select bits translated: Q: How do you see the future of weblogs?
It will keep evolving like I described above, new interlinking blogospheres appear like soap bubbles every day on new topics. While bloggers themselves may choose to post long rants or short blurbs and all writing styles in between, we need to understand there isn't one blogosphere - there are thousands. Connected via topics, language, geography, real life friendships etc they all interlap like soap bubbles in the giant bath tub we know as the world wide web. All other web pages are the water. ;)

Q: What do you think the main aim is for the blogger?
It depends on which blogger you ask. For a majority it's simply an outlet for their writing, be it opinionated, creative or reporting. For others it can be a sort of web-diary, logging links they've seen. For others still - and more so lately - It can be a springboard to fame. It's often a personal branding device which can serve professionals very well if they blog on their jobs topic. We're no longer individuals, we are brands that sell our skills.

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