Bob Parsons goes Elephant hunting: kills GoDaddy?

GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons likes to go to Zimbawe and hunt elephants on his vacation. He's just returned from one, and posted the rather graphic hunting video here. Cue outraged tweets, angry facebook comments and PETA giving Bob Parsons the Scummiest CEO of the Year Award.. Mental note: killing problem animals gets people more outraged than objectifying women in sexist shite ads - perhaps I should go trample some farmers crops and get shot so us women can be worth as much as an elephant. But I digress.

NameCheap domains has joined the elephant-loving crowd and now offer $4.99 transfers where part of the fee goes straight to Save The Elephants.

We’ve decided to throw our support behind our Elephant friends by offering domain transfers at a price where we actually lose money.
Show your protest by saying BYEBYEGD again and transfer your domains to Namecheap for $4.99 for the next 24 hours through 11:59pm EST on 3/31/11 (limit 10 per user, valid for all com/net/org domains).
On top of that, we’ll donate $1 for each transfer to Save The Elephants at
Use coupon code BYEBYEGD and let’s help the Elephants together!

This is your chance, people. Leave Godaddy forever! Do your part in removing those horrific ads from the Superbowl, for the love of god, please! Oh, and yeah help some elephants. That too.

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