Brands at Myspace gathering site for key demographics of tweens, teens and young adults. To many advertisers it's seen as a mecca for reaching this holy grail demographic. What's interesting is that not only are brands signing up and creating pages on the platform, but other "regular joes" are signing up with pages using brand names and taglines (like ImLovinIt, mountaindew, Juan Valdez, Krispy Kreme, Zoloft, Comet, TicTacs, Col. Sanders, Carefree Maxipads, Starbucks Frappuccino, Starburst, and Pillsbury, among a long long list of others). Just type anybrandname or icon/character or even tagline and see what I mean. What's interesting is that some of these sites really do attempt to follow the branding for the product, company or etc. It seems the easiest way to determine if the profile is "official" or not is by the layout of the page...there be some very gaudy designs. Another interesting thing to point out is the number of users with profiles as the same brand, for example there are at least 5-10 Burger King King profiles. If nothing else it is an example of how people relate and interact with brands they like (or dislike).

Not surprisingly, many official myspace pages for brands happen to be CP+B brands: YourFast and MissHelga for VW, sprite, gamekillers for Axe, burgerking . There's also a page for scion, yaris and wendy's square.

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I just found this post, which carries the torch on.
06/23/2006- Brands on MySpace at 3minds.

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Yeah....but the beat on the street is that Myspace is becoming uncool for kids - ever since Rupert Murdoch bought it. YouTube is the one to watch. And VLOG is the word.

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Myspace, the gathering site for key demographics of emo boys kissing emo boys! Hahaha!