Budweiser pulls a "new Coke" bringing back the Clydesdales for Super Bowl XLVI

It looks like Anheuser-Busch has inadvertently pulled a "New Coke" (remember THAT super bowl ad where Jim McMahon & Refrigerator Perry drink their choice?) when they said they'd finally send those Clydesdales to the glue-factory. Adage reports that massive consumer protests may lead to the famous horses making an appearance after all. The horse-hubub has been all over the press, as people can't seem to imagine a bowl without them after a 15 year run. Now VP-Marketing Keith Levy says that a previously rejected Clydesdale spot (from Budweiser agency DDB), might make it to the bowl.

When probed if he had planned this all along Levy responded; "I wish I was that smart," reminiscent of Keough's New Coke fiasco quote: "We're not that dumb, and we're not that smart"

I might be tired of the Clydesdales, but it seem they still have fans.

In super bowl 1979, I as a wee lass jumped for joy at the sight of the pretty horses as they trotted through the snow to deliver the goods, I didn't care much for the actual game at the time;

Last year, the story began in Scotland and showed the Budweiser Clydesdales as an immigrant finding his way in the new land.

In 2002, the iconic horses paid tribute to the radically changed New York Skyline, showing that these Clydesdale can tell stories in all emotional ranges, from funny to touching.

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