Busy ad-banning season in Australia - toad ad caned

A Tooheys New beer has been pulled after complaints that it was cruel to cane toads - in the ad three men were seen using the poor critters as golf balls. Nearly 200 people complained they were not amused at watching toads being whacked with golf irons, even if the creative idea was a friendly poke at the NSW-Queensland rivalry.
The advertiser news reports of many other banned and withdrawn ads, a Coca-Cola ads depicting people surfing on photocopiers, and a BMX ad where bikers jumped over cars for were both sentanced for encouraging "dangerous behaviour". Another ad, for Just Jeans, showed a bunch of boys throwing chairs down stairwells and off rooftops was deemed to show "gratuitous destruction and vandalism".
They might seem trigger happy down under but according to The advertiser the latest figures shows that only 11 complaints out of 1191 were upheld.

You can see the Tooheys cane toad advert here.

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