Cannes 2011: Ikea is advertiser of the year.

Ikea have been on an advertising winning streak since long before they won the Grand Prix in cannes for the unböring "Lamp", but that one cemented Ikea as a creative fun client to work on. While punk-queen Nina Hagen promoted Ikea Berlin, elite designers hated Ikea, and German Ikea made fun of funny Swedish customs. Ikea has constantly tested new advertising channels, like giving away pillows to sleepy commuters, had giant footprints showing the way to their new store, and all over the world they have dressed up bus stops, billboards and entire metro stations to demonstrate what a little new furniture and drapes can do for a home. All over the world, Ikea welcomes all families including gay ones, despite what others might think of that.

"Ikea's approach to its marketing and communications, with its decentralized structure and strong relationships with many different kinds of agencies, has been hugely successful over many years," said Philip Thomas, Cannes Lions CEO. "The company's superb track record at Cannes reveals a clarity of vision and an enviable willingness to allow its agencies to truly flex their creative muscles."


Most recently, Ikea in the UK let 100 cats loose inside a store and filmed when they all found comfy spots to sleep. Say it with me now. Aaaaaaw.

Meanwhile in Sweden, they released updated lullaby songs by famous musicians.

And don't forget their very clever use of Facebook last year to launch a new Ikea store in Malmö - be the first tag your name in a photo on the furniture you like, and you'll get it for free! This won a Titanium Lion.

And like a previous winner of this Cannes Lions honor, Volkswagen, Ikea can promote themselves on being inexpensive in a simple fashion.

The Advertiser of the Year trophy will be presented in Cannes to Noel Wijsmans, global retail manager and VP of Ikea Group.

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