Cannes Cyber Lions Winners

The Grand Prix winners in the Cyber Lions are Crispin Porter + Bogusky website "come Clean" at for environmentally friendly household products brand Method, and Sao Paulo's DDB/Brazil won for its "Reality Advertising" site for Henkel's Super Bonder Instant Glue. The Latter glue website is so simple it's brilliant, very internet retro we all know that people simply have to write silly things that run across the computer screen here as they watch and presumably wait for it to fall off the wall. It was quite viral recently as well, making apperances on sites like Metafilter. Congrats to the team at DDB, Cris Santoro, Pedro Gravena, Maurício Mazzariol, Alexandre d'Albergaria and Keke Toledo. Congrats to the team at CP&B, Mike Ferrare, Bob Cianfrone, Paul Johnson, Dustin Ballard, Jake Milkosh, Rahul Panchal and the programmers from the Barbarian Group Juan Morales and Jason Soros.

Won Broze - the GRRR game that w+k did together with Unit 9. Still, congrats to AD Sean Thompson (at w+k), Designer Katharina Leuzinger (at unit9), Technical Director Yates Buckley (at unit9) and producers Piero Frescobaldi (at unit9) & Charlie Tinson (at w+k).

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At, confessing "I shot the sherrif." gets a good response. Also try "I want to blow up a bank," "I had an affair with a ferret," "I left the toilet seat up," "I don't wear women's underwear" or "I'm catholic."

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Has anyone seen ? Seems to be the same idea as "come clean".
Only difference being that postsecret isn't advertising. Question is - which one was live first?

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Postsecret went live 1/1/2005 and is great. So yup, I've seen it. I had a few ad-people email it to me actually... ;)

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yay, i can sleep now.

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