Cannes Lions Direct Winners 2005

This years Grand Prix went to a strange event for Renault MODUS which was both online and on TV. Two short films were broadcast parallel in absolut syncronicity on two TV stations, one showed our hero "Happy" and the other "Sad". Earlier, TV teaser trailers had alerted people to tune in to the event and to use their remote to switch between channels to see the difference. The end of the film was shown on The films attracted an impressive eight million viewers, Germany has 82 million people.

A neat idea, and the first time channel-hopping between two specific channels became reality in Germany (Sweden actually had a soap-opera that relyed on this story-telling tool a few years back), but can someone explain to me how this film ended up in the direct category? I must have misunderstood the entry rules. Read more to see more winners.

Meanwhile in Sweden, Sydsvenskan, the daily newspaper of the south reminded ad buyers all around that their paper was indeed, their first choice in media buy. Precision targeted (there should be a special award just for that) on a very narrow crowd, only 45 recpients from what I hear. Sydsvenskan had cut out and framed media buyers and other adpeoples actual first ad, their birth announcement, had it framed and sent to the right person. On the back of the frame it read Sydsvenskan Daily News is "your first media choice". Congrats to Ola Obrant Andreasson, Christian Barrett, Frida Myllenberg and Peter Mayerhofer from The Fan Club ad agency in Malmö for the Gold award in the B2B DM category.

DDB, Brussels won gold for clever use of media, as they advertised for the client "ligue contre le cancer' (Cancer awareness) on the clothes hangers of lingerie shops! As women looked through the items they'd find a 'one-cup bra' with a note reminding them to get a checkup. Cleverly done, Dominique van Doormaal (CD), Grégory Titeca (AD),
Mohamed Oudaha (CW), Wilfrid Morin (Designer).

Silver went to the Smart ad placement for Smart cabrio cars, done by Springer & Jacoby in Germany. As you open your coke can you open the top of the little Smart car printed on it. The copy reads "Refreshes with one pull. The smart fortwo cabrio."

Another silver, this one goes to a Yoga Center advertised by Leo Burnett Hong Kong. It needs no further explanation, what you see was printed on actual straws. Congrats Kenny Choo (CD), Stephen Kong (CD), and Jane Yang (AD).

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