Cannes Lions pedophilia ad: Demand a retraction or demand a refund.

So by now you've probably read about the Cannes judges' brilliant decision to award a Silver Lion to this (presumably fake) Press ad selling Kia vehicles with the oh-so-clever theme of pedophilia (the funny kind, of course). This means that every agency and advertiser that entered the Press category at €350 a pop and didn't win, presumably lost their Lion to this extremely bad joke.

We think that's wrong. And we think the show organizers should acknowledge the judges' lapse in good taste and sanity by withdrawing the award immediately. If they don't, everyone who entered the Press category and didn't win should demand a refund of their entry fee.

If you agree, let them know. Tweet @Cannes_Lions (and copy all your friends, relatives, neighbors etc) and ask them to do the right thing -- better late than never.

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Interesting idea, but this ad winning a Silver Lion didn't prevent anything: the judges in all categories simply name as many winners as they see fit.

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A few years back, Luxor was sent in by Leo Burnett when Luxor was Lowes client, didn't they have to return that lion in the end? I forget now, tired.

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