Cannes night life 2005

Those who aren't hiding their green hangover complexion under the deep red fast tan that comes from being yanked out of ones fluorescent office and exposed on a Rivera beach might want to hear some Cannes nightlife gossip, if your ears haven't fallen off from hearing too much already. This is the last of it, I promise.
So while George Parker reckons that the party of the week award goes to McCann and their choice location aboard the former Onassis yacht "Christina O.", people in production say that Bacon CPH had the best party, or at least the most decadent. Who's pleasure pole was polished in the back of the garden? What really happened in the swimming pool filled to the brim with naked, semi-naked and fully clothed people? It looked like.... the summer of love.

Marcel, Paris - Fred & Farid's new shop had a bit of a welcome home party where everyone seemed to be French, the air was Parisian and the DJ's were suave, as you'd expect when Fred & Farid themselves took over the decks late in the evening.

The Leo Burnett party spared no expense, Norman Jay DJ:e as well as music guru Stéphane Pompougnac, and cocktails were served in phosphorescent glasses.

Stefano Hatfield chats about Cannes in Mark Wneks regular spot: "CANNES WEEK'S NOTORIOUS parties are normally an excellent barometer of the health of the ad industry. This year however, this is a particularly sensitive subject. Some of the agencies spending a minor fortune this week on impossibly glamorous events are actually involved in rounds of lay-offs and wage freezes." but he agrees that the classiest affair this year was the private McCann party on the Christina O yacht.

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A little birdie told me that the 180 party at their villa had synchronized swimmers and singer Sia from Zero 7 did an intimate live performance. I also heard the Psyop party was insane. Kewl.

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