Cheating Husband = Hoax

Update: Oh, so it wasn't a publicity stunt, it was "a social experiment that aimed to test media response to a relatively unimportant story." Thanks for that, Mr. DJ.


So, then, didya hear the one about the guy forced by his wife to stand at a busy intersection with a sandwich board reading "I cheated. This is my punishment."?

Yeah, I can see why not.

Though it was first broken by an LA news outlet, the story seems to have gotten only a little play outside the Beltway (and IIRC, where he was standing was, technically, outside the Beltway) — most of it being his interview and heated discussion with his wife on 99.5 FM. I kept expecting to hear more, waiting for the other shoe to drop …

And, a week later, it did: "Man's Roadside Repentance for Cheating a Ruse." It was a ratings-boosting stunt by the radio station's morning DJ "Kane" (ugh, everybody in this article's using a pseudonym). It's not even the first time someone's done this.

Seems that everyone was a bit skeptical from the get-go. Something like this happens, and we all expect it to be some sort of marketing ploy.

Personally, though, I was hoping for something more interesting than a promo for a drive-time show. Though now, I suppose I'm part of the reason someone's gonna do it again, what with the links and coverage it's now getting.

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That's funny. I didn't even bother to read the cheating husband sandwhich board story because it smelled off to me.
Then, in the 911 WWF scam ad post, where the NYDaily says, a little sarcastically, "without checking on its legitimacy, bloggers and Twitterers posted the shocking image and sharply condemned the WWF.".

Sooo.... let me serve that one right back. Without checking on the legitimacy, newspapers around the world have published a cheating husband hoax.
And ironically, CNN even twittered it.

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Daaang, now that video is gone too - removed due to "breaking the terms of service" - I have never seen that one before.