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Chiquita Bananas that taste like apple?

The things brand managers do in order to disrupt their product categories, generate novelty amongst consumers and increase market share:

"CINCINNATI -- Bananas flavored with the hint of another fruit could help Chiquita International Brands Inc. become the Starbucks of the produce world, the company's leader says, envisioning a larger, creamier or sweeter banana".

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eeeeeew what a gross thought. Why not just offer us more than that regular yellow banana? There are so many yummy kinds out there already - why not start growing some red bananas, apple bananas and whatever they are called in english in greenhouses instead of messing with the perfect snack? It already comes in different flavours, Chiquita only imports one.

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What? There are red bananas? How do you know all this stuff?

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easy, travel the world, eat all the local stuff. ;)

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Here's a list of several kinds of bananas:
Ae Ae, African Rhino Horn, Apple Banana,
Blood Banana, Brazilian/Dwarf, Burro,
Cardaba, Cavendish, Cuban Apple, Golden Aromatic,
Gros Michelle, HaHa, Hawaiian Black, Hua Moa,
Ice Cream Banana, Jamaican Red, Kru, Lacatan,
Lady Finger, Macaboo, MAHOI, Monkey Finger,
Mysore, Nino, Orinoco, Orito, Praying Hands,
Pysang Raja, Rajapuri, Red Iholene, Saba,
Thousand Finger, Valery, Williams Hybrid,
and Zebrina.

Note that even without travelling far, you can get several different kinds of bananas. In several local supermarkets (in southeastern Pennsylvania, USA - near Philadelphia), I can get the regular large yellow bananas, large red bananas, plantains, and red or green/yellow Ninos. I haven't tried all of them yet!


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My Ecuadorian banana is more than enough.

Seriously though, this reminds me of Juicy Fruits lame Twisted Fruit gums.